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bāc-tā-gon 是一个通过研究程序化管理项目支持中国文化参与的平台。作为“文化云”, bāc-tā-gon 没有正式的空间,而是通过与北京和国外的各种组织和机构合作,以激发当代中国文化的对话。通过我们的跨学科展览、出版物和讨论活动,bāc-tā-gon 致力于激发对未来的另类想象力。

bāc-tā-gon is a platform that supports cultural engagement in and about contemporary urban China. Drawing upon the practices and conversations within visual art, design, architecture, performing art, music, literature, moving image and cuisine, we develop research-driven exhibitions, bilingual publications, and discursive events that seek to inspire the imagination of alternative futures.. Operating as 'cultural cloud,' bāc-tā-gon holds no formal space, but rather collaborates with various organizations and institutions in Beijing and abroad to stimulate diverse conversations and moments of community building.

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