Who We Are | 我们是谁

Kyle Skor 宋克叶

Researcher of Curiosities + A.M. Brainstorm Project Manager



Hailing from America's Midwest, Kyle 宋克叶  is a visual artist who works primarily with paint. Starting from the age he could hold a book upright, he would sit absorbed in picture books and fairy tales for hours on end. The images and words contained in these books supported the imaginative life that he reflects in his paintings and other, more conceptual works.

At Williams College, he studied both art history and psychology – research in the latter led to his entering a doctoral program at Harvard at the age of 22. The recipient of a Presidential Fellowship, he had once hoped to write a dissertation focusing on the relationships between art, creativity, and human development. But, he was unable to shake his love for creating, and decided to trade a future professorship for a life devoted to his artistic practice.

Kyle 宋克叶 follows this drive at bāc-tā-gon, serving as project manager of A.M. Brainstorm & researcher of curiosities, namely key issues related to interdisciplinary artistic consumption and practice.  

Zandie Brockett 张桂才

Founding Curator + 八家 BaJia Editor-in-Chief



Zandie 桂才 is a Beijing-based curator, writer, collaborator and photographer from Los Angeles. She is the founding curator of bāc-tā-gon, and the editor-in-chief of its independent publication, 八家 BaJia. With a primary interest in developing user-driven cultural experiences that challenge conventional modes of engagement, she also researches the sociological influences of culture and experiments with alternative structures for funding.

Along side her curatorial projects, she is a member of The Collective Eye, a meta-collective that looks at and challenges the ways in which collective practices are formed. Zandie 桂才 has written extensively on contemporary Chinese art, and has published both her written and translating work in several artist catalogs, periodicals such as LEAP, ArtForum China and Architectural Digest China. She is the recipient of the 2014 Transnational Dialogue grant.  Zandie 桂才 holds a BA from Duke University, and an MA from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business.

Lijie Wang 王嘉里

Director of Development + 八家 BaJia Contributions Editor



Lijie 嘉里 studied History of Art and completed her master’s degrees in Cultural& Creative Industries and Gender Studies in the UK. Previously, Lijie 嘉里 worked with a number of leading charitable art organizations in London. Most recently, she worked on the documentary series Art of China for the BBC.

After embraced living in London, Lijie is on ‘sabbatical leave’. Based in Beijing now, she has a very strong interest in the development of non-profit art organizations in China.

Want to be a Bactagon Apprentice?  | 希望作为Bactagon的门徒吗?

Are you interested in contemporary Chinese culture? Can you speak Chinese? Or at least marginally understand it? Do you live in Beijing? Do you like to make things (with your hands/on the computer/in a laboratory/in the kitchen/with a blow torch)? Are you a... you guessed it... team player?! Are you willing to deal with the dynamism of a startup organization?

If you answered yes to three or more of these questions, then as fast as you can...

Send us your CV and a short paragraph about how you could contribute and/or from what you would benefit. Sorry but only shortlisted candidates will receive a reply.


If you're interested in working with bāc-tā-gon as a creative collaborator, please send your portfolio and a short paragraph explaining your work and its ties to contemporary culture in China.