Sight + Sound: Image Production

Untitled, 2008, 60 x 60cm, Digital C-Print, Edition of 6

Charles-Henry Bedue

Throughout time and history, the image has become essential to human’s existence in our increasingly modernized world. During the Renaissance, masters such as Leonardo de Vinci were hired by the Church to paint frescos that spread the teachings of the Catholic faith. In today’s digital age, the image is used as a tool to disseminate information to the masses. The production of the photographic image has evolved at an unprecedented rate over the past 200 years – a rate that is perhaps leaving our society in a paralyzed daze, unable to process or respond to the images that flash before our eyes on a daily basis.

Image Production is Sight + Sound’s first installment of six curated experiences that intend to touch upon topics that affect the individual and consequently collective society in our modern and technologically advanced reality. Including the works of French photographer, Charles-Henry Bédué, Chinese photographer, Joe jo, and Chinese video artist, Zhang Xiaodi 张小迪, Image Production aims to return to the basics of the image, whether as a photograph or a moving still within a video installation.

Having traversed a plethora of definitions and uses over the centuries, the rapid development of photographic technologies has outpaced the rate in which its user has been able to effectively and purposefully utilize its benefits. Rather, our society is force-fed images that render us blind to the beauty and understanding of what actually comprises a great image, full of emotion and significance.

Returning to the basics of photography, the experience includes a selection of 24 photographic works and four video installations that isolate the key components of great imagery: color, light, form and an understanding of natural energies and forces, whether in an interpersonal relationship, an individual’s demeanor or the tone of a landscape.

Further, Sight + Sound’s first installment will collaborate with Huzi, of the famed Chinese electro band, Pet Conspiracy to curate a ‘dance’ experience that enhances the sensory experience relating to specifically sight and sound. Working with Sight + Sound’s curator, Zandie 桂才, the music selected mimics the concept of image production with the gradual development of musical tones and beats, thus creating an all-encompassing auditory experience. 

Opening Experience + Closing Knowledge Experience |开幕式体验 + 闭幕式知识提干的照片