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bāc-tā-gon 是一个支持中国文化领域互动的策展平台,它以研究为目的项目横跨视觉艺术,设计,建筑,表演艺术,音乐,文学,影像和烹饪八个领域。通过建立战略合作伙伴来支持其项目的发展,bāc-tā-gon 将提供一个平台共同去探寻及重新定义常规之外的研究方法论,拓展自我发展的方式和探索多样的内容传递渠道。

bāc-tā-gon is a platform that supports cultural engagement in China through research-driven projects drawing upon the hybridity of practice and discourse across visual art, design, architecture, performance art, music, literature, moving image and cuisine. Operating as 'cultural cloud,' bāc-tā-gon holds no formal space, but rather collaborates with various organizations and institutions in Beijing and abroad to stimulate cultural dialogue in the public domain. Through its various interdisciplinary exhibitions, publications and discursive events, bāc-tā-gon works towards methods and systems that provide publics opportunities to image new futures and economies that encourage social equity. 

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