FemFeast | 女宴

Workshopping transnational distribution routes and strategies.

FemFeast is a monthly meal and discussion about new ideas on the relationship between women and food. FemFeast tries to understand the ever evolving role women have played in the preparation of food, while simultaneously expressing our creative proclivities as we explore new culinary frontiers.

For each meal, FemFeast brings together eight women. We aim to ensure the forum remains not only a safe, open, and intimate space for exchange, but also an opportunity to feast in celebration of our unique and brilliant female-selves. Feast we shall at our FemFeast!



Feast 1 : Eggplant

In part a response to the “Feminist South” project initiated by I:Project Space, the first FemFeast welcomed Australian artist, curator and arts-worker, Kelly Doley, for her three month residency at I-Project Space. While in Beijing, she embarked on the three-year research project to understand the multiplicities of feminist identity in the Asia Pacific region, as she worked to disrupt conventional understandings of feminist art grounded in Western feminist theory. In our culinary treats, we explored the famed nightshade (Solanceae), the eggplant.

Having been cultivated in India and China for over 1500 years, the aubergine is a fruit native to Asia and only infiltrated Medieval kitchens in the 16th Century. Horticulture history books note that part of the Chinese bridal dowry was that a women must have at least 12 eggplant recipes prior to her wedding night. The aphrodisiac fruit that was once under the masterful creative repertoire of women in China has in a contemporary context been linked to the phallus. In 2014, thanks to American rapper, B.o.B.’s posting of his man goods together with the #🍆, the eggplant emoji and #eggplant was censored by Instagram for its references to the penis, porn and nudity.

FemFeast 1 celebrates various 茄子(qiezi) recipes from across the Silk Road as we retraced the eggplant to its origins in a female Asian identity. 


1) Main: Eggplant Parmigiana (Italy) 

2) Eggplant Dip + Bread Platter: Mirza Ghasemi (Northern Iran)

3) Side: Eggplant with Garlic Sauce (China)

4) Salad: Summer Salad by I:Project Space


第一届“女宴”(FemFeast),聚焦于探索人尽皆知的茄属——茄子,并进行烹饪实践。我们邀请到了正在I-Project Space进行为期三个月驻留的澳大利亚艺术家、策展人、艺术工作者Kelly Doley,以作为部分作为对I-Project Space发起的“南方女权” (Feminist South)项目的回应。在北京驻地期间,Kelly Doley开始了她为期三年的研究项目,目的是以了解亚太地区女权主义身份的多样性,致力于打破以西方女权主义理论为基础的对女权主义艺术的传统理解。

茄子是一种原产于亚洲的果实,在印度和中国种植已有1500多年之久,16世纪才渗入中世纪欧洲的厨房。在中国古代新婚习俗中,有一条是新娘入洞房前必须要至少12个茄子食谱,这在很多园艺历史书籍中经常被提到。可以看出,茄子在中国古代被视为催情的果实。 而在当今时代背景下,茄子已然被联系到“男性阴茎”这一意向。2014年,美国著名说唱家B.o.B在社交媒体Instagram发布了他私密部位的裸照并配有茄子的话题,导致Instagram官方将有关茄子的表情包和话题作为涉及男性生殖器、色情影视和裸体的相关内容,将其列入审查范围内之中。



1)  主要食材:焗烤千层茄子(意大利)

2)  茄子酱+面包拼盘:米尔扎·加塞米 (Mirza Ghasemi)(伊朗北部)

3) 配菜:茄子与蒜汁(中国)

4)沙拉:I-Project Space的夏日沙拉

Feast 2 : Potluck | 第二宴:便饭

For the second FemFeast, Bactagon collaborated with China Residencies and I-Project Space in Hong Kong. In March 2018, FemFeast co-opted the trade fair that is Art Basel HK. Just as the harbor city served as a gathering ground for the global art world, it too served as a site for feasting on regional foods and ideas. Into the independent residency space, INSITU, came women from from different locales, sharing a melange of ideas and food from their respective regions and perspectives of the art world (as artists, collective members, curators, critics, and independent space directors). It was the ultimate potluck. 

第二届“女宴”,由Bactagon与中国艺术交流(China Residencies)、I-Project Space在香港联合举办。就像这个海港城市作为全球艺术世界的聚集地一样,它也是一个充满各国地域美食和奇思妙想的场所。2018年的3月,女宴受邀参加香港巴塞尔艺术(Art Basel HK) 国际艺术博览会。届时,在独立驻留空间INSITU里,汇聚了来自世界各地的女性。她们在分享大杂烩般的地域美食的同时,她们以自己在艺术世界里不同的角色(艺术家、艺术集体成员、策展人、评论家和独立空间负责人)交换天马行空的观点与思路。这是一次可以被称之为最终极的百味餐。

Hong Kong FemFeast.jpeg