Shadow Beats | 影子节拍

Untitled, 2010, 80 x 80cm, Digital C-Print, Edition of 6, Joe jo

Shadow Beats is a live sensory performance and exhibition, included Pet Conspiracy’s sixth live solo show along side a photography + film + dance experience. On Friday, December 13, 2013 at the famed Beijing venue, Yugong Yishan, the independent electro band collaborated with Bactagon Projects to present a unique experience stimulating both the visual and auditory senses.

Utilizing new lasers to create a visually shocking performance that will accompany Pet’s electro music, the lights, or shadows created are representative of beyond that which is physically present. Looking back into the past, the photography exhibition will explore the story of an independent Chinese band’s founding and evolution through  the photographic works of seven China-based photographers. The exhibition included works that covered six years of live concerts from around the world, a screening of the band’s 2011 European tour documentary film (He Long) and a special live performance by the aerial dancer, Tina Renata.

The photographic experience can be ‘heard’ like music: as if reading notes on a music sheet – one begins to slowly ‘hear’ the pictorial story come alive. The musical performance can also be ‘seen’: like a theatrical performance unfolding in its own unscripted and live manner. The Jungian shadows of the band are depicted in the photographs – which ironically utilize light to be captured. Selecting photographs dating back to the band’s inception over six years ago, the works shed light on both the on- and off-stage life that has come to identify their own conscious and unconscious states – the ‘love and hate’ of life by which they define themselves. Perhaps it is in their own shadows that the creativity of their continued conceptual innovation is seated.

Publication |  刊物

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Shadow Beats ( 影子节拍), 是一场刺激感官的现场演出和展览活动,时间为2013年12月13日(周五)在愚公移山举办。活动将包括由 Bactagon Projects 合作策划的中国当红电子乐队宠物同谋第六次专场演出和摄影展及乐队欧洲巡演纪录片放映体验。 该独立乐队将首次与新晋策展团队协力推出一场视觉和听觉的独特体验。

现场将采用激光与宠物同谋乐队一贯震撼的音乐相结合,将音乐,光,影混合呈现出独一无二的舞台效果。 回顾摄影展,通过多位生活在中国的摄影师作品带你探索一个独立乐队如何在中国成长和发展。 影展中摄影作品包括过去6年乐队在世界多次巡回演出的现场照片,并将放映2011 年宠物同谋欧洲巡演纪录片。部分特别指定摄影作品可在现场购买或预定。 


About Pet Conspiracy

Pet Conspiracy, founded in 2008, was founded by Huzi, and is now comprised of Edo de Bastiani, Fiona Zhou and Mary Santonastaso. Since the band’s founding, Huzi served as the band’s producer and lead guitarist, and has worked to release the first full-length album, Pet Conspiracy, in the same year, the band toured in Europe and produced a feature length documentary. Further, Pet Conspiracy released an EP, Noise from the Future in 2012. 

The band, with their electro, disco house-like, punk-rock sound has become one of the leading bands in China (was named Band of the Year by MTV Asia in 2009), having played in countries around the world, including Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway and Singapore.


宠物同谋, 由虎子领军成立于2008年,目前队员包括Edo, Yunyun, Mary. 虎子担任乐队的制作人和吉他手,并发行了一张同名专辑 “宠物同谋 ” 和欧洲巡演纪录片DVD, 及一张EP, Noise from the Future. 

宠物同谋是一支一直坚持独立的乐团,也是中国最好的电子乐队,宠物的音乐总是混杂着情色, 暴力,美好 及那些超现实的手法用电子乐及摇滚乐的方式表达出来,宠物同谋的现场无论在任何地方演出都是一次视觉和听觉的化学盛宴,乐队的足迹已经踏上20多个国家及100多个城市,乐队曾获得2010年MTV Asia最佳电子乐队,CityWeekend评选2010-2011连续两年最佳乐队,豆瓣2011-2012连续两年最佳电子乐队。