Collaborators |合作者

Michelle Proskell

Michelle Proksell 媚潇 is a Saudi born American artist based in China, working with video, storytelling, performance, music, photography and the World Wide Web.  Alongside writing and producing visual mediums, she is an active freelance photographer in Beijing.  She is currently collaborating with bāc-tā-gon to document projects via photography, video footage, audio, as well as produces the A.M. Brainstorm podcast.

Learn more about Michelle’s artistic and commercial work.

Celine Lamme

Céline Lamée 森林 is a Dutch graphic designer, whose work not only utilizes strong forms, but also quick witted humor to devise clever visual solutions. She loves teaching and has lead many workshops with students in both the UK and China. After seven years of experience at the renown Dutch design company, LAVA, she decided to leave the Amsterdam office to try her Chinese luck, by co-founding the company's Beijing office.

Céline is currently collaborating with bāc-tā-gon to develop the platform's visual identity. Business cards and flyers aside, Céline masterfully created the endless 'logo game' that so clearly defines the multi-disciplinary work of bāc-tā-gon.

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DJ Headshot.jpg

From a small mountain town in Colorado, DJ Furth is now based in Beijing. He's most comfortable capturing moments and expressing ideas in the 35mm and 1080p forms. And, occasionally, with words.

Learn more about DJ's artistic and commercial work.

As the founder of international design firm ARCH, Evan Collier has been focused on designing and fabricating custom artworks and installations, small-scale rigging installations, sets and propos for photo/film/TV shoots and theatre productions for the past 10 years. Evan works and lives in NYC, but is currently based in Beijing working with Themetech Culture & Creative to development the company’s manufacturing facility.

Visit ARCH to learn more about their projects custom design projects. Or Themetech to read about their China-related projects.

Jacob Dreyer桌睿 is a Beijing-based writer and theorist of architecture. He is Senior Editor at Lifestyle 品味生活 Magazine and his work has been published in a wide variety of journals in the US, UK and China. His book The Nocturnal Wanderer is due to be published by Eros Press.

For more information about Jacob's work, visit The Dreyer Projects.