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LEAP is the international art magazine of contemporary China. Published six times a year in Chinese and English, it presents a winning mix of contemporary art coverage and cultural commentary from the cutting edge of the Chinese art scene. Through incisive, carefully curated criticism and commentary, LEAP strives to provide its readers with profound and professional insight into the workings of art from right here in Beijing to the world at large. Averting both dogma and trend, LEAP gives clarity to the increasingly blurred complexity of the things that surround us. At once witness to culture’s development and its recorder, LEAP is a publication that aims for posterity.

《艺术界》,英文名 LEAP,是一本中英双语的艺术刊物,双月刊发。LEAP关注中国当代艺术,和更为宽广的中国文化主题,同时也将视野扩展到国际当代艺术圈,撑开活动维度,力图为读者提供深刻、专业的观点和丰富、有趣的资讯,成为当下时代的记录者,同时也对其进行思考和辩证。在这个过程中,LEAP拒绝简化、论断和教义,更加热衷于恢复我们所生活的世界的模糊和复杂性。


Chutzpah! is a literary magazine that provides in depth readings laid out within a visually pleasing design of international standards. With an internationalized vision and design, brand new concept and editorial method, and new media platform that parallels the magazine, Chutzpah! explores new ideas and forms within the context of literary magazines, so to reshape the experience of reading literature. “Chutzpah” is derived from Yiddish and pronounced as “khutspəә”. Its original meaning was unbridled’ or arrogant’, but after being introduced into the English language, evolved into meaning reckless courage and the spirit of challenge amongst others. Soon after, it started to imply that which was of ‘bold innovation’ or was a ‘break from routine behavior’. Chutzpah! along side 天南 (meaning ‘South’) constitutes the magazine’s bilingual title, but also defines the magazine’s external image and spirit.

《天南》(Chutzpah!)是一本可以提供深度阅读但又在视觉设计上与国际接轨的文学杂志。国际化的视野和设计、全新的编辑观念和方法、与杂志平行的新媒体平台,推动《天南》探索了文学杂志的新观念和新形式,重塑这个时代的文学阅读体验《天南》发音 “khutspəә”,源自意第绪语,原意是指放肆,在传入英语世界后又发展出肆无忌惮的勇气挑战成规的精神等意涵,后专门用来指称那些大胆创新和打破常规的行为。它与天南共同构成了这本杂志的中英文刊名,也定义了这本杂志的外在形象和精神内核

Opera BOMBANA is the restaurant concept of Three-Michelin-starred Chef Umberto Bombana. The word “OPERA” in Italian can be used in multiple contexts describing an outstanding masterpiece or creation, related for example to design, ideas, recipes, arts, sports and craftsmanship. Opera BOMBANA is the expression of Chef Umberto Bombana’s culinary passion for the basic elements of Italian gastronomy and culture, delivering a unique interpretation of great Italian food in the forms of restaurant, bakery, pastry, cocktails and coffee.

Opera BOMBANA是由米其林三星主厨Umberto Bombana打造的全新概念餐厅,将于20133月首次在北京开。在意大利语中,“OPERA”词经常用于描绘杰出的作品和成就,涵盖设计、思想、食谱、艺术、体育和工艺各个领域 Opera BOMBANA过独特意大利风格的餐厅环境、烘焙面包、甜点、鸡尾酒和咖啡表达出大厨Umberto Bombana对于意大利美食和文化中基本元素的烹饪热情

Nestled in Beijing's hutongs is The Other Palace, a cozy siheyuan (courtyard) space prime for a morning coffee, afternoon work session or relaxing evening gathering of friends. 

The Other Place has partnered with bāc-tā-gon to serve as the venue for the monthly A.M. Brainstorms.