Distribution Assembly East | 东亚分销网密集会

Workshopping transnational distribution routes and strategies.

While it appears that immaterial forms of work, expression and social life dominate the contemporary era, working in the sphere of independent publishing is still highly burdened by the weight of materiality. Books are heavy. The world is big.

As book/zine/journal-makers and distributors ourselves, we constantly battle with the load of global logistics. But, since ABC’s first Beijing fair will bring all you to this northerly capital, we’d like to take advantage of this opportunity and sit down with you all for a chat about distribution.

In collaboration, 八家 Bajia and 展销场 Display Distribute invite you to participate in a one day independent publishing and distribution intensive.




Participants | 参加人

DAE Workshop 2

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Monday, July 2, 2018, 10 am - 5pm