Who We Are | 我们是谁


Zandie Brockett 张桂才

Co-Founder + Artistic Director | Editor-in-Chief of 八家 BaJia | zandie@bactagonprojects.org

Over the years her research has explored various aspects of social practice art at the intersection of sociology, organizations, urban spaces and education. Perpetually curious by how engagement with art can influence moral or collective culture both in organizations and urban contexts, she is also fascinated with the multifaceted ways it encourages new conversations, evolves entrenched concepts or perceptions and increases social equity for employees and urbanites alike. Her other interests include researching the social dynamics of cultural production as well as economies that enable alternative, agile and user-driven cultural organizations. In 2013, she found Bactagon Projects to tackle some of these issues. She still serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Bactagon’s independent publication, 八家 BaJia.

Having lived in Beijing and Shanghai over the past six years, she has also worked as the Associate Curator of the Shanghai Project and as the studio and international project manager for Chinese painters Liu Xiaodong and Yu Hong. Along side her curatorial and arts administrative work, she is a member of The Collective Eye, a meta-collective that looks at and challenges the ways in which collective practices are formed. Zandie 桂才 has written extensively on contemporary Chinese art and has published both her translations, as well as critical and travel writings in periodicals including LEAP, AsiaArtPacific, ArtForum China, Art World, Architectural Digest China, Condé Nast Traveler US, amongst others. She is the recipient of grants from the Getty Multicultural Initiative (2006), European Alternative Transnational Dialogue Caravan (2014) and the Uruguay Ministry of Culture and Education (2015). Brockett holds a BA in Sociology and Photography from Duke University and her Masters in Management from the Fuqua School of Business. 

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Former Team Members 前团队

Joe jo 丹坤


Joe jo is a Chinese artist and storyteller that works and lives in Beijing. He works with photography, film and installation art. He is currently working on a story for his next exhibition, in which he is searching for a connection between reality, fantasy and memory. The protagonist, straight from northern Hubei provence, where a wild childhood was had, commences his story with a meditation in the mountains of Bear Creek, California. In his meditative trance, he seeks a trigger to connect these disparate parts of our conscious while simultaneously exploring the senses that comprise human existence. Born in Hubei province, Joe jo taught himself English and photography when he moved to Beijing in 2005. 

 Left to Right: Joe jo and Zandie

Left to Right: Joe jo and Zandie

Kyle Skor 宋克叶

 Left to Right: Zandie, Stelart Wang, Lijie Wang and Kyle Skor

Left to Right: Zandie, Stelart Wang, Lijie Wang and Kyle Skor

Researcher of Curiosities + A.M. Brainstorm Project Manager + 八家 BaJia Co-Deputy Editor

Hailing from America's Midwest, Kyle 宋克叶  is a visual artist who works primarily with paint. Starting from the age he could hold a book upright, he would sit absorbed in picture books and fairy tales for hours on end. The images and words contained in these books supported the imaginative life that he reflects in his paintings and other, more conceptual works.

At Williams College, he studied both art history and psychology – research in the latter led to his entering a doctoral program at Harvard at the age of 22. The recipient of a Presidential Fellowship, he had once hoped to write a dissertation focusing on the relationships between art, creativity, and human development. But, he was unable to shake his love for creating, and decided to trade a future professorship for a life devoted to his artistic practice.

Kyle 宋克叶 follows this drive at bāc-tā-gon, serving as project manager of A.M. Brainstorm & researcher of curiosities, namely key issues related to interdisciplinary artistic consumption and practice.  

Lijie Wang 王嘉里 

Director of Development + 八家 BaJia House 1 Co-Deputy Editor, 八家 BaJia House 2 Co-Editor-in-Chief

Lijie 嘉里 studied History of Art and completed her master’s degrees in Cultural& Creative Industries and Gender Studies in the UK. Previously, Lijie 嘉里 worked with a number of leading charitable art organizations in London. Most recently, she worked on the documentary series Art of China for the BBC.

After embraced living in London, Lijie is on ‘sabbatical leave’. Based in Beijing now, she has a very strong interest in the development of non-profit art organizations in China.

Stelart Wang 王哲

 Manager of Programs + 八家 BaJia Editor

Over the past five years, Stelart Wang 王哲 has wavering between business, contemporary art, and design. With her B.A. in MIS (Manage Information System) from the Central University of Finance And Economics (Beijing), she also studied graphic design at University of The Arts Utrecht (De Kunst Van HKU) during a gap year in the Netherlands.

After graduation, Stelart has worked as a product manager, advertising assistant and also volunteer doscent at UCCA. Furthermore, she has participated in several art projects, including those at Action Space in HeiQiao 黑桥. 

Currently Stelart lives and works as a product designer in Tokyo, Japan. 

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Are you interested in contemporary Chinese culture? Can you speak Chinese? Or at least understand it? Do you live in Beijing? Do you like to make things (with your hands/on the computer/in a laboratory/in the kitchen/with a blow torch)? Are you a team player?! Are you willing to deal with the dynamism of a startup organization?

If you answered yes to three or more of these questions, then as fast as you can...

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If you're interested in working with Bactagon as a creative collaborator or partner, please send images of your work, personal or company mission statement and a short paragraph explaining how you envision collaborating with Bactagon.