Duo Show - Go, Go!

Two is better than one, right? Double your pleasure, double your fun: Get yourself to the Duo Show on May 10 ~

(C) Duo Show Folks, 2014

(C) Duo Show Folks, 2014

Saturday May 10th, 2014 at XP.  Show starts at 9pm.

DUO DUO DUO (a duo show with duos) is a three part line-up of two faced body doubles just duo-ing it.  Including na/mr, ourang-outang and blister babies.  Each partnership is as unique as a unicorn bathed in the light of a double rainbow all the way across the sky— so what does this mean? A marriage of noise, voice, beats, guitars, synths and raw unleashed improvised power will be born on stage, provoking a conversation of tension between each duo, allowing one to consider what does it take to meld together two minds for the sake of one thought… As they say, it takes two to tango, and the musical progeny of these duos will leave you questioning your own existence

na / mr

na / mr is the combined projects of Beijing based noise arcade and Muted Rainbow.  MR found her soul power back in 2009 after frequenting Brooklyn gospel churches for ‘the hell of it’, leading her down a long and dusty road of soundscapes and vocal ‘research & development’.  She made her way to China and first crashed synths with NA back in 2012.  In an attempt to ‘Stick it to the Man’, they agreed to an alliance.  Unbeknownst to NA, the partnership changed his whole sense of the time space continuum.  The two have since experimented together in an attempt to awaken their inner fortitude.  This project focuses on MR’s voice heavily processed and NA’s beats tapping into minimalist electronic melodies.  With their forces combined they harness the powers of everything and nothing at the same time.

http://noisearcade.bandcamp.com/                                            http://mutedrainbow.bandcamp.com/


When producer-primates Ourang Keski-Pörhöläs and Outang Rogers met at the 2013 Pocari Sweat Music Academy, they were inspired to join forces as the all-analog improvisation duo Ourang-Outang. With their minds and synth skills amped on steady diets of Pocari Sweat, Ourang-Outang clobber their machines like morons unleashing maniacal acid basslines, rabid-fire drum-machine beats, samples from the jungles of Borneo, and their own hoots, grunts, chest beating, and banana eating. Their style first described as “Pocari acid sweat” by the Kota Kinabalu Gazette, Ourang-Outang are widely credited for the current craze of live electronic acts spraying audiences from bottles of Pocari Sweat hidden in their underpants. Refusing to be tamed by the studio, Ourang-Outang release only live, undomesticated recordings. Ourang-Outang’s feral on-stage presence is complemented by PowerPoint visuals that combine Ourang’s love for psychedelic ‘90s raver fractals and Outang’s collection of photographs of lemurs, bushbabies, tarsiers, marmosets, monkeys, and apes dressed in diapers.


blister babies

Power babies of blunt will are young in their drive for suicide. Play the guitar. Play the percussions. Bombardier improvisation, falls from above onto you standing belowwwwww! You can come in deep with us, if you want to. No promises though. The truth hurts "baby." And so does an audible blitzkrieg organized in such a capacity to make your tummy ache. Configure the baby-cry on top of fever-guitar on top of unmetered drum hits--in time, but in our time--and you have something.