Social Spaces | 社会空间

When every person is born, they’re bestowed a purpose in life. For some, their purpose is not to make a lot of money or to have fame, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a purpose. It’s with this purpose that everyone slowly finds his or her own meaning in life. Some people can find it through art, and some people can’t.

Wu Shuqing (Bernard Controls factory employee number 146)



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Beijing’s social spaces — sites for gathering, dancing, playing, socializing, discussing, exchanging, dreaming, loving, hypothesizing both alone and with others — are slowly being eradicated. In their place State-led visions of a refined, cosmopolitan future are constructed. Into 八家 Bajia House 2, we have invited practitioners, projects, and enterprises that build platforms or spaces where ‘the social’ is created, subverted, rebuilt, and maintained.

By presenting a printed space for surveying, highlighting, documenting, and abstracting different approaches to the social and the interpersonal relationships that comprise it, we hope to work towards conversations guided by the political, economic, and social complexities inherent to the region, and not those of a Western legacy. 八家 Bajia House 2 does not provide a solution for the future, but rather seeks to understand how we can collectively confront an imperfect present.

八家 Bajia House 2 is co-edited by Zandie Brockett and Wang Lijie, guest edited by Huang Jingyuan and Alessandro Rolandi, and designed by Céline Lamée from LAVA Beijing. House 2 contributors include Alessandro Rolandi, ATLAS, Chen Xinghui, Chen Yun, Dr. Xu Jing, Elaine W. Ho, Feng Junhua Huang Jingyuan, Xiang Jing, Kong Fanglong, Kyle Skor, Liu Chengrui, Luka Yang, Ni Kun, Liu Jiajun, Song Yi, Wen Hui, Wendy Wang, Wu Shuqing, Xu Tan, Zhao Tao. 八家 Bajia House 2 editorial team includes Gavin Cross, Li Lin, and Hugo Sansome.

北京的社会空间——那些用于相聚,舞蹈,玩耍,社交,讨论,交流,做梦,相爱,猜疑之地,无论是独处还是与他人分享的,正在慢慢地消减。这些空间随着国家主导的更精致的、更国际化的建设构想而被重新定义。在《八家 Bajia》二号中,我们邀请了那些创建了不同平台或空间的各领域的实践者、项目和企业们参与进来,分享他们的项目。

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通过这个纸上的空间,关于社会空间的调研、重要发现、记录被呈现出来,供大家思考何为社会空间的不同方法也被提炼了出来;我们希望,这些对话,不是延续西方关于社会参与式实践的语境而来的,而是由中国的政治、经济和社会的复杂性语境引导而来的。《八家 Bajia》二号想做的,并非是为抵达更加完备的未来提供一个解决方案,而是试图去理解我们该如何去共同面对一个不完美的现在。

《八家Bajia》二号由张桂才(Zandie Brockett),王嘉里(Lijie Wang)联合主编;黄静远,李山(Alessandro Rolandi)特约编辑;并由熔岩北京(LAVA Beijing) 成员森林(Céline Lamée)负责视觉设计。撰稿人包括:李山(Alessandro Rolandi),ATLAS,陈兴慧,陈韵,徐菁博士,何颖雅,冯俊华,黄静远,向静,孔繁龙, 宋克叶(Kyle Skor),刘成瑞,杨圆圆,倪昆,刘家军,宋轶,文慧,王敏,武淑清,徐坦,赵涛。编辑团队由雨果(Hugo Sansome),李林,赵麓鸣(Gavin Cross)。

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