Hunter Holt (c) 2014

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性,它将这些内容以印刷品的形式呈现。它为传统的展览图录提供一种新的替代形式,作为合作项目的副产物,集合众多中国领军创意工 作者的思潮,作为八个学科领域互相碰撞讨论的集合地而存在着。


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A Home of Eight Disciplines

This is not a book. It is neither a magazine, nor a zine. It is part literary journal, part visual almanac. It is a way of engaging with printed matter. It is an alternative to the traditional exhibition catalog – and a byproduct of collaborative projects. As such, is archives thought from leading creative practitioners in China and serves as a home of discourse for eight disciplines. It is thematically driven but with no linear narrative. It is a collection of texts, including theories, critiques, interviews, recipes, instructions, fictions and poems. Its imagery is vast – photographic essays, two-dimensional installations of drawings and paintings, maps, and collages deepen its visual experience. Its utility is functional – it is comfortable to hold, easy to read, and pleasing to display. It is to be collected – whether for its strong design or as a reference tool, it is meant to be viewed as an artifact that can be opened, read, and used to obtain information in a manner most suited to the readers themselves.

Written by Chinese and foreigners alike, published in both Mandarin and English, it is edited, designed and printed in Beijing. It is a hybrid publication in the purest sense. It is neither one nor the other, but merely itself. It is 八家BāJiā.