`*~ Brainstorming season will restart in Spring 2018 ~*`

Stay posted for updates!

A.M. Brainstorm is a series of casual, monthly conversations inviting distinguished speakers to discuss the research and skills-set behind their creative practices. The brainstorms serve as a platform for multidisciplinary dialogues and collaborations between the local Beijing and transient creative communities.

The conversations will be self-moderated between two individuals of similar profession on a chosen topic, with a new topic each month. Speakers will include practicing artists, curators, designers, architects, chefs, poets, publishers, filmmakers, musicians + composers, amongst others.

 All talks are recorded and posted as audio podcasts available for free download on the bāc-tā-gon website. A.M. Brainstorm occur monthly on the 4th Saturday of the month at 11am at The Other Place, and run for one hour. Coffee and light refreshments are provided by Opera Bombana. Brainstorms are open to the public and free of charge.

A.M. Brainstorm 每月会邀请在各自领域有着杰出表现的嘉宾参与到轻松的谈话中,探讨他们各自进行的研究或创造性实践方法,以及这些研究和实践如何作用于他们的创作过程。头脑风暴向北京本地和暂驻创意团体间的跨学科对话及协作提供一个平台,并邀请两位职业相近的嘉宾就当月话题进行自主对谈。这些嘉宾包括实践艺术家,策展人,设计师,建筑师,厨师,诗人,出版人,电影制作人,音乐人等。每期谈话内容将以音频的形式在 bāc-tā-gon 官网上提供免费下载。希望参与 A.M. Brainstorm 谈话现场的朋友可以于每月第四个星期六上午11点来到 The Other Place, 谈话持续1小时,现场期间提供咖啡和点心。谈话活动是免费且面向大众开放的。

When: 11am, Fourth Saturday of every month | 早上11点,每个月的第四周六

WhereThe Other Place | Langjia Hutong No.1, Corner to Beiluoguxiang,  Beijing | 郎家胡同1号,北锣鼓巷北口,北京

A.M. Brainstorm has partnered Opera Bombana to provide Brainstormers delicious morning pastries.

Opera Bombana 隆重加盟,将为A.M.Brainstorm提供烘培美食

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The Other Place | Langjia Hutong No.1, Corner to Beiluoguxiang,  Beijing | 地郎家胡同1号,北锣鼓巷北口,北京