About Curated Experiences | 关于策划体验

Curated Experiences serve as practice-based experiments questioning and provoking traditional notions of curated exhibitions within the context of contemporary art. It is through these curated experiences that practitioners, in the context of a live audience, are able to explore the boundaries of their discipline (as defined by that discipline) and experiment with alternative roles and/or functions of their seemingly disciplinary-specific skill sets. Each curated experience is the collaborative research and production of a “temporary collective”, which is assembled by at least one Bactagon curator, and includes practitioners from at least two differing disciplines.

过基于实践的策展体验, 实验质疑和挑战传统意义上关于当代艺术的策划展览。透过这些策展体验,参与者可以重新探索他们各自学科领域的界限,并实验性的尝试赋予他们各自领域技能以其他的角色或功能。每一个策展体验都是一次协作的研究成果,由至少一名Bactagon的策展人和至少来自两个不同领域的参与者组成的“临时集合”进行实施。